A staggering 12,53,019 children in India are currently deprived of formal education, highlighting the urgent need for innovative approaches to ensure education accessibility for all.

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Education, the sacred birth right of every child, lies at the heart of our mission at Sonalika Gurukul. We have embarked on a profound journey, weaving together initiatives that transcend barriers, ensuring that every child has the wings to soar through the realms of knowledge. Sonalika Gurukul stands as an ethereal oasis where education intertwines seamlessly with entertainment, nurturing young minds in a realm of boundless possibilities. With unwavering determination, we have sculpted a new paradigm of learning, unfettered by constraints, and made it accessible to all, regardless of circumstance or background.


Our Moto

At Sonalika Gurukul, we believe in an education that intertwines fun, engagement, improvement, and growth, leaving a lasting imprint of joyful learning in every child. Through fascinating stories that promote mental and emotional development, we bring a unique blend of mythology, science experiments, productive crafts, and art appreciation. Join us on a captivating journey with Wadiya Singh, as we explore the rich cultural heritage of our nation and ignite the spark of curiosity in your child’s heart. Together, let’s create a world where education is a delightful adventure of discovery.

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