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Sonalika e-Gurukul

In the pursuit of an unparalleled educational experience that combines learning with fun, engagement, experiments, and factual knowledge while ensuring accessibility for all, Sonalika e-Gurukul was established. Our belief in the transformative power of education led us to create this platform, which fosters a lifelong love for learning in every child’s heart, starting from their earliest language acquisition.

With a vision to reach children across diverse regions, from tribal to rural to urban areas, Sonalika e-Gurukul commenced its journey by offering educational content in Hindi, catering to a wider audience and delivering knowledge through an enjoyable learning approach. Sonalika e-Gurukul encompasses a diverse range of topics, offering a unique series that delves into mythology through captivating tales, explores science via engaging experiments, promotes creativity through crafts with a productive edge, and nurtures artistic expression by offering different perspectives. Our aim is to facilitate the holistic development of every child while instilling a deep interest in various concepts.

With over 100,000 dedicated subscribers, our e-Gurukul family continues to grow, welcoming new members with each passing day. We are committed to providing an engaging educational platform that empowers children to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and embrace the joy of lifelong learning.

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