Filled With Passion And Fuelled With Compassion

As a responsible corporate citizen with the vision of a better society, Sonalika CSR has been working for over a decade through various initiatives to empower the ones in need. We target the concerns which act as obstacles to the development of our nation and work consistently to eliminate them.

Sonalika Gurukul

Education, the sacred birth right of every child, lies at the heart of our mission at Sonalika Gurukul. We have embarked on a profound journey, weaving together initiatives that transcend barriers, ensuring that every child has the wings to soar through the realms of knowledge. Sonalika Gurukul stands as an ethereal oasis where education intertwines seamlessly with entertainment, nurturing young minds in a realm of boundless possibilities. With unwavering determination, we have sculpted a new paradigm of learning, unfettered by constraints, and made it accessible to all, regardless of circumstance or background.


Udaan, an initiative that reflects our aim to support the visions of a better tomorrow for everyone. Our society has various pillars which need to be strengthened equally.
With Udaan we look towards supporting the unreached parts of society with the aim of encouraging, educating the underprivileged people and enhancing their lives. When provided with the right skills and opportunities people can do wonders and our mission is to extend support to these people and help them reach their full potential.

Clean and Green

With the “Swachh Bharat” mission working towards our national dream of ‘Clean India’, it’s time to add another dimension of making India green, and free from pollution. An India, that’s ‘Clean and Green”.
At Sonalika CSR, we are very passionate about the environment and the need to preserve nature. We are always ready to explore every possible idea that could protect the environment. At Sonalika CSR, we are working on various sustainable and contemporary initiatives at different places, with a common idea- to create awareness about the environment and make the earth a better place to live.

Sonalika Sports Academy

Sonalika CSR is dedicated to promoting the holistic development of the younger generation through sports. We believe that sports play a crucial role in shaping individuals and instilling essential life skills. Our comprehensive sports program offers a wide range of opportunities for children and youth to engage in various sports disciplines.
We organize events, tournaments, and training sessions to provide a competitive and inclusive environment for aspiring athletes. Through mentorship and support, we aim to nurture their talents and build their confidence. By participating in sports, young individuals develop physical fitness, discipline, teamwork, perseverance, and leadership skills. We believe that these qualities not only contribute to their personal growth but also prepare them to become responsible and successful individuals in society.

We Strive To

  •  Empower individuals
  •  Cultivate inclusive society
  •  Promote sustainable developmental goals

Our Impact

In order to cater to the needs of children, women, rural dwellers & elderly and improve the quality of our environment, we have curated three verticals which are dedicated to help each section of society effectively. As a result, each vertical focuses on specific aims which not only deliver great results but also leave a positive impact on the ones involved.

Our Partners

We are striving to bring a positive change in society.