Udaan, an initiative that reflects our aim to support the visions of a better tomorrow for everyone. Our society has various pillars which need to be strengthened equally. With Udaan we look towards supporting the unreached parts of society with the aim of encouraging, educating the underprivileged people and enhancing their lives. When provided with the right skills and opportunities people can do wonders and our mission is to extend support to these people and help them reach their full potential.

Agriculture Enhancement Project in Rajasthan

With agriculture as our foundation, our goal is to improve economic opportunities for Indian farmers. We initiated an agriculture enhancement project in 2019 in Rajasthan, equipping farmers with new techniques to enhance productivity. We operate in multiple villages across Jaipur, Sikar, and Barmer.

We addressed water scarcity by constructing and renovating water structures and implementing rooftop rainwater harvesting with ‘Tanka’ structures. Over 1,50,000 liters of rainwater were harvested, benefiting rural families. Our project includes creating kisan clubs, knowledge transfer, horticulture promotion, and providing high-yielding seeds and vermi compost beds. Our kisan club members saw a 25% increase in crop yields.

We have setup wadi to enhance soil organic content, promote nutrient recycling, and reduce water usage in irrigation by setting up drip irrigation systems. These wadis are helping farmers gain additional income. We prioritize promoting organic farming for a better future, providing training to farmers in organic techniques. Additionally, we have established multiple organic composting units to support farmers in this endeavour.

Agriculture Enhancement Project in MP

In our pursuit of an inclusive future and a sustainable planet, we empower Indian farmers to become self-reliant, equipped with skills and connectivity. Our agriculture enhancement project is active in the villages of Rewa, Sagar, Satna, and Damoh in Madhya Pradesh.

Recognizing the importance of uplifting farmers, we established Kisan clubs, a platform for training sessions conducted by experts. These sessions promote sustainable farming practices, enhance income and harvest. We take pride in the positive outcomes from these platforms. Furthermore, we set up vermi compost units, demonstrating and advocating organic farming techniques. Many farmers have established their own composting units, embracing organic agriculture.

Understanding clean drinking water’s significance, we renovate handpumps and set up bore well in various villages of Madhya Pradesh villages, providing fresh water for household use. Excess water is directed back into the earth, minimizing wastage and replenishing groundwater, promoting hygiene.

Providing high-quality seeds and training, kisan club members experience 20-30% increased yield. We support farmers in pursuit of a sustainable livelihood. We empower Indian farmers, foster sustainable farming, and create a harmonious balance. Together, we forge ahead on this transformative journey for an inclusive and sustainable future.

Agriculture Enhancement Project in UP

After successfully assisting farmers in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, we have now launched our Agriculture Enhancement Project in Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh, already known for its rich farming heritage, has the potential to achieve remarkable results with proper guidance. The project has been initiated in five districts of Uttar Pradesh: Farrukhabad, Kannauj, Mainpuri, Aligarh, and Firozabad.

To restore the ecosystem and promote sustainable farming practices, we have undertaken various activities to impart knowledge on technical and natural farming. One crucial step was the establishment of indigenous seed banks, aimed at promoting and conserving high-quality indigenous seeds that benefit farmers’ harvests. Furthermore, in our efforts to encourage sustainable farming, we have set up aerobic and vermi composting units.

To motivate farmers and highlight the positive outcomes of sustainable farming, we have emphasized the numerous benefits it brings to their lands, crops, and most importantly, their incomes. Collaborating with agricultural experts and scientists, we continue to provide training and guidance to farmers. Traditionally, farmers in the region rely on flood irrigation techniques, resulting in excessive water usage. To address this, we have introduced and demonstrated the use of sprinkler systems in farmers’ fields, ensuring more efficient water usage.

Additionally, we have constructed farm ponds to conserve water resources. Agroforestry has also been demonstrated as a means of increasing productivity and providing alternative sources of income for farmers. The formation of 50 Kisan Clubs has been particularly beneficial, impacting over 1500 farmers and transforming their approach to sustainable and technical farming. Through the application of essential soil minerals, innovative techniques, and lessons learned from crop demonstrations, farmers have experienced an impressive increase of around 30% in productivity and over 60% in income.

Sonalika Agro Solutions App

In the ever-changing times, it is essential for farmers to embrace the latest agricultural methods. In today’s digital age, where everything is just a click away, it is high time for farmers to utilize the internet for their agricultural needs. Typically, farmers rent out their agricultural equipment to those in need, but this space is often unorganized, leading to potential exploitation for both the renter and the rentee.

Without access to the right machinery at the right time and price, farmers may incur losses. To bridge this gap and provide a solution, we have developed the Sonalika Agro Solutions App. This platform enables farmers to rent out their agricultural equipment and allows other farmers to easily rent the necessary machinery. The app benefits both the renter and the rentee.

The Agro Solutions app is specifically designed to support marginal farmers by providing them with the necessary assistance when required. Thousands of farmers are already connected through this app. Our goal is to make this app a comprehensive agriculture solution for farmers, which is why we have incorporated features like weather details and mandi prices. Farmers and machine operators can register on this app at no cost. It serves as a medium for them to extend their services and earn income. Machine owners can find the best operators through this app. We are grateful for the positive response we have received from farmers.


You can download the app from the Play Store.

Empowering Women with Innovative Initiatives

In today’s rapidly evolving world, we recognize the importance of adopting innovative approaches to support and empower women. With this understanding, we have initiated multiple impactful initiatives that aim to empower women in various spheres of life.

Through these initiatives, we seek to break down barriers and create opportunities for women to thrive and excel. We understand that women’s empowerment is not limited to a single domain, but encompasses diverse areas such as education, entrepreneurship, leadership, and social development.

Empowering Women with Innovative Initiatives

Unnati- Stitching Unit

Through close collaboration with women from various parts of the country, particularly rural areas, we discovered a common trend where women were confined to a self-imposed circle of staying at home. It became our mission to break this cycle and empower women to pursue their passions, contribute to their family’s income, and live independently. This led to the inception of our initiative, “Unnati,” which aimed to bridge the gap between women’s passion and their livelihood.

What initially started as a support system for women in rural areas has now evolved into a thriving women’s entrepreneurial hub. Unnati is a stitching unit driven by a dedicated group of women who not only acquired new skills but also transformed their passion into a profession.

We strongly believe that skills are most valuable when they are accompanied by opportunities for earning. Consequently, International Tractors Limited now places regular orders for its corporate uniforms with Unnati. Now these resilient women expanded their stitching portfolio by producing handmade masks, travel pouches, convocation gowns, and more. They have extended their reach to other institutions, such as schools, and are now receiving orders, which is contributing to their income.

Recognizing their exceptional skills and entrepreneurial capabilities, Unnati was honored with the prestigious “The Best Production Unit” award by the esteemed Dr. Kiran Bedi. This accolade not only highlights their remarkable achievements but also serves as a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Self Help Groups

In our unwavering commitment to empower women, we have embarked on a transformative journey by taking charge of thousands of women across various communities. These women have come together and formed hundreds of groups, each dedicated to their personal growth and the pursuit of self-sustainability through skill development and social entrepreneurship.

Through this initiative, we aim to provide women with a sense of entrepreneurship that goes beyond traditional micro-financing. We firmly believe that economic empowerment is just one aspect of their journey towards independence and success. By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, we are empowering these women to become self-reliant and create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families.

These women-led self help groups serve as a platform for collaboration, learning, and collective growth. They actively participate in training programs and workshops, where they acquire essential skills in various domains such as business management, marketing, financial literacy, and product development. Moreover, they are encouraged to harness their creativity and explore innovative solutions to address the needs of their communities.

Hospital Attendant Training Program

This program aims to empower women by equipping them with essential nursing skills, enabling them to make significant contributions to the medical field. Through this comprehensive training programs, we prioritize enhancing nursing ethics, promoting hygiene practices, and equipping women with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle emergencies effectively. By focusing on these critical areas, we are not only enhancing the quality of patient care but also instilling a sense of professionalism and compassion among the participants.

We understand the importance of providing women with equal opportunities and access to quality healthcare education. By offering specialized training and equipping them with the required tools and equipment, we are enabling these women to unlock their full potential and forge a promising career path in the healthcare industry.

Our commitment to these women goes beyond just training. We strive to create a supportive environment that nurtures their growth and development. Alongside the practical skills, we emphasize the significance of empathy and patient-centered care, recognizing that these qualities are just as crucial as technical expertise.

Creating Women Centric Custom Hiring Centre

Recognizing the invaluable contribution of women in every stage of agriculture, we have taken a proactive step to empower them by establishing a women-centric custom hiring center (CHC) in Uttar Pradesh. At this center, we have provided women with agricultural equipment that they can rent out to generate income and support their livelihoods.

These women at the CHC are not only polishing their entrepreneurial skills but also becoming inspiring role models for other women in the region. They are actively involved in the maintenance of the machinery and ensuring smooth transactions, taking charge of the entire process with competence and dedication. We are immensely proud to offer these women a platform that enables them to move towards self-sustainability and financial independence. Witnessing their progress and success fills us with humility and gratitude.

Encouraged by the positive impact of this initiative, we are committed to establishing more such clubs and centres to further promote women’s empowerment. By providing women with opportunities, resources, and support, we aim to create a nurturing environment where they can thrive and become agents of change in their communities.