Sonalika Sports Academy

Sonalika CSR is dedicated to promoting the holistic development of the younger generation through sports. We believe that sports play a crucial role in shaping individuals and instilling essential life skills. Our comprehensive sports program offers a wide range of opportunities for children and youth to engage in various sports disciplines.

We organize events, tournaments, and training sessions to provide a competitive and inclusive environment for aspiring athletes. Through mentorship and support, we aim to nurture their talents and build their confidence. By participating in sports, young individuals develop physical fitness, discipline, teamwork, perseverance, and leadership skills. We believe that these qualities not only contribute to their personal growth but also prepare them to become responsible and successful individuals in society.

Sonalika Football Cup and Empowering Children Cured of Clubfoot

Sonalika CSR recognizes the importance of nurturing a healthy mind and body in individuals, as it ultimately contributes to the overall well-being of a nation. In line with this vision, we have launched the Sonalika Football Cup, an initiative aimed at promoting football among children. This annual tournament provides an inclusive platform for children between the ages of 5 and 16 to showcase their skills and passion for the sport. These children hail from various slums, NGOs, and sports academies.

One of the challenges we identified was that some children faced limitations due to club foot, which hindered their participation in physical activities and sports. To address this issue, we have partnered with Dr. Mathew Varghese from St. Stephens Hospital, who specializes in treating club foot. Through our collaboration, we are supporting children who have already undergone treatment for club foot, empowering them to realize their potential and encouraging them to participate in various sports, including football.

By providing equal opportunities and breaking barriers, we aim to instill confidence and a sense of inclusion in these children. We believe that every child deserves a chance to pursue their passion and excel in sports, irrespective of any physical challenges they may have faced in the past. Through the Sonalika Football Cup and our collaboration with medical experts, we aspire to inspire young individuals to overcome obstacles, embrace their abilities, and actively engage in sports for a healthier and more fulfilling future.

Sonalika Shooting Range

A thriving sports culture serves as a barometer of a country’s health and progress. It not only enhances productivity but also instills discipline in character. Recognizing the rich history of shooting and the immense talent in every child across our nation, we embarked on a mission to train children in the sport of shooting. Understanding the myriad benefits it offers to mental and physical well-being, we established shooting ranges in several schools, including Suraj Bhan DAV Vasant Vihar, DAV School Faridabad, and Government School Chabbewal Hoshiarpur, among others.

By providing the right infrastructure and guidance to students, we have already witnessed their remarkable national participation. Our students from Suraj Bhan DAV showcased their skills at the ‘National Shooting Championship’ held in Kerala. Additionally, we are proud to have state and district-level champions from Government School Chabbewal, Hoshiarpur. These young shooters from our shooting ranges are driven by a shared dream of bringing Olympic medals to India.

The progress made by these children, coupled with our unwavering support, fills us with immense joy. We are confident that their dedication and talent will continue to yield remarkable achievements, making our country proud in various championships. Sonalika CSR remains committed to finding new ways to inspire and encourage youth towards greater progress and success.

Inspiring Athletes

In India, athletics is in the midst of its growth phase. To tackle this, we launched an inspiring initiative aimed at fulfilling the needs of aspiring athletes while also empowering them to become self-reliant and serve as motivators for future generations. Working closely with the former Director of the Athletic Federation of India, we have taken responsibility for the training and coaching of talented athletes. Through this endeavor, we strive to uplift athletics in the country and nurture the potential of these athletes.

Promoting Football

My Angels Academy, led by a dedicated holistic trainer, stands as a remarkable organization in driving the growth of sports in our nation. Despite operating from a humble rented shack, this academy has produced exceptional football players who hail from underprivileged backgrounds.

What is truly inspiring is that these young athletes have displayed remarkable skills and abilities, often surpassing those who have access to proper training facilities and grounds. This showcases the immense talent and potential that lies within them.

Through the unwavering dedication and the nurturing environment created by My Angels Academy, these children are given the opportunity to develop their athletic prowess and excel in football. This organization serves as a testament to the fact that with passion, determination, and the right guidance, talent can flourish regardless of the circumstances. We partnered with them to support the budding football players and facilitate their growth.