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Sonalika Publications strongly believes in the power of education to create a better society and a brighter future. We are dedicated to promoting inclusive education that reaches every part of the country. Through our wide range of publications, we aim to make learning interesting and break the monotony. Our mission is to make education accessible to all by simplifying lessons and ensuring they are easy to understand.

Another step we have taken towards inclusivity is ensuring our publications are bilingual, available in both English and Hindi. Environmental sustainability holds immense importance to us, and we have conscientiously upheld it by utilizing recycled paper for all our books. This commitment stems from our belief that sustainability and knowledge are inseparable companions. We are proud to share that our books have gained popularity and have found their place among Amazon’s top-selling list. The positive feedback received from children and parents alike has been heartwarming and affirming of our endeavors.

Stories to Stage

At Sonalika Publications, we believe in the transformative power of stories. We curate tales that have the potential to create a lifelong impact on the lives of children. Through our heartfelt initiative, Stories to Stage, we go beyond the mere act of reading and dive into the realm of experiential learning. Stories to Stage is an innovative program designed to unleash the creative potential of children. We understand that stories have the remarkable ability to inspire, educate, and shape young minds. By providing a platform for children to become active participants in storytelling, we aim to nurture their self-expression, confidence, and imagination.

Through this initiative, we invite children to step onto the stage and bring the enchanting narratives published by Sonalika Publications to life. We encourage them to delve into the depths of characters, settings, and emotions, allowing their creativity to flourish. From acting out scenes to recreating dialogues, every aspect of storytelling is explored, fostering a deep connection with the written word.

Captivating Sessions for Young Minds

Our aim is to reach out to as many children as possible and create captivating sessions that leave a lasting impact on their young minds. Through the power of storytelling, interactive activities, and the exchange of experiences, we strive to make learning an exciting and enjoyable adventure for every child involved. We believe that by nurturing curiosity, fostering creativity, and promoting active participation, we can ignite a lifelong love for learning.

With a focus on inclusivity and a commitment to ensuring that every child has access to enriching educational experiences, we are dedicated to making a difference. Our sessions aim to inspire and empower children, encouraging them to explore the depths of their imagination and discover the joy of acquiring knowledge. Together, let us embark on this journey of discovery, where learning becomes a source of inspiration, connection, and endless possibilities for young minds everywhere.

Going further for a Greater Impact

Libraries and Reading Corners:

In a mission to rekindle the love for books and revive the nostalgic scent of paper among the new generation, Sonalika Gurukul has undertaken a significant endeavor. We have established numerous libraries in government schools and communities, dedicated to children’s enrichment.

With a firm belief in the transformative power of books, we have extended our efforts to reach underserved communities by establishing reading corners in slums. These dedicated spaces serve as gateways to knowledge, offering children access to a diverse range of quality books. By making literature readily available, we aim to inspire young minds, ignite their imagination, and provide them with the opportunity to explore new worlds and unlock their full potential. Through these reading corners, we are committed to bridging the literacy gap and empowering children in slum areas with the invaluable gift of reading.

Sonalika Gurukul on Wheels:
Believing in limitless possibilities, we refuse to be constrained by boundaries. To break new ground, we have introduced an innovative initiative called “Sonalika Gurukul on Wheels.” These portable and easily accessible libraries offer a diverse range of books to children, transcending geographical limitations. Our efforts have proven successful in implementing these mobile libraries in the tribal regions of Jharkhand, bringing the joy of reading and learning to even the most remote areas.

Additionally, we have constructed an Aganwadi in Pune, reinforcing the education system and providing a nurturing environment for early childhood development. Through these collective efforts, we are dedicated to nurturing a lifelong love for education and empowering children with the tools they need to flourish in their educational journey.