Making Education Accessible for All

Sonalika Gurukul Centres

Sonalika Gurukul Centre stands as a distinctive program meticulously crafted to foster the holistic development of children. Right from the moment of enrollment, our approach at Gurukul Centre is dedicated and purposeful. We begin by conducting pre-assessment tests to gauge the abilities of each child, enabling us to group them accordingly and provide focused attention based on their individual levels of comprehension.

Once the grouping is established, we embark on a journey of knowledge-sharing, working tirelessly to uplift each child and facilitate their understanding of vital concepts spanning numeracy, language, geometry, shapes, communication, physical wellness, health and hygiene, art and craft, and decision-making, among others. Continuous progress monitoring is an integral part of our methodology, enabling us to promptly identify areas that require attention and implement corrective measures to ensure the children’s overall growth.

Sonalika Gurukul Centre has left an indelible impact on the lives of children hailing from marginalized backgrounds. We have successfully brought about positive transformations in the lives of children from slum areas such as Noor Nagar, Seemant Vihar, Arjun Camp, Tughlakabad, as well as in the villages of Uttar Pradesh and the tribal regions of Jharkhand. By providing knowledge, support, and guidance, we have not only supplemented their school education but also ensured their enrollment and continued participation in educational pursuits. The ripple effect of our efforts extends far beyond the classroom, empowering these children with the tools they need to navigate a brighter future.