Filled With Passion And Fuelled With Compassion

As a responsible corporate citizen with the vision of a better society, Sonalika CSR has been working for over a decade through various initiatives to empower the ones in need. We target the concerns which act as obstacles to the development of our nation and work consistently to eliminate them.

We Strive To

  •  Empower individuals
  •  Cultivate inclusive society
  •  Promote sustainable developmental goals

Our Impact

In order to cater to the needs of children, women, rural dwellers & elderly and improve the quality of our environment, we have curated three verticals which are dedicated to help each section of society effectively. As a result, each vertical focuses on specific aims which not only deliver great results but also leave a positive impact on the ones involved.

The Journey Of Our Vision

See through our eyes how we bring our vision of a better society and nation into reality

Sonalika Gurukul


Ensuring Holistic Growth

Clean & Green

Working towards a sustainable environment.

Sonalika Sports Academy

Promoting holistic development of younger generation through sports.

Events & Media

We not only work to help various sections of society but also share heartfelt emotions with them. Our consistent efforts to bring the change are now being appreciated and getting PAN India attention and support from prominent personalities. Get a glimpse of all that happens in Sonalika CSR here.

Our Partners

We are striving to bring a positive change in society.