Our society is formed around the lives of children, women, youth, and the elderly in both urban and rural areas. It is our duty to ensure that their health, education, skill, hygiene, and rights as citizen of our country are met. Sonalika CSR has been working for years to create awareness among everyone to help and turn their lives on track of positivity. From education to skill development, and from infrastructural support to providing platforms of opportunities, we work towards bringing a holistic and inclusive growth in the society.

Child Friendly Mohalla

Children Friendly

Slum children are exposed to negative lifestyle involving substance…

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Umdah Academy

Underprivileged children do not get access to essential educational…

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Unnati, Garment Stitching Unit

Women are naturally skilled in the art of stitching. We, along with Navjyoti…

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Women Skill Development Program

Self Help Groups

To give women a sense of entrepreneurship apart from micro financing aspect of Self Help Groups…

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Hospital Attendant Training Program


To help improve the medical provisions of our society, we along…

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