The Water Crisis and Solutions from Sonalika CSR

Water is Scarce and People of BarmerRajasthan Need Solution!

Water is the driving force of nature but today due to the shift in its consumption patterns and environmental changes, it is becoming scarce. Especially in the arid regions like Barmer (Rajasthan), which is a part of the Great Indian Thar Desert. Situated at the borders of India, the rainfall pattern in the district is highly uneven. Less rainfall and unexpected floods have affected the region dreadfully.

Drinking water is insufficiently available due to unfavorable hydro-meteorological conditions. The groundwater is mostly saline, particularly in the Barmer. People mostly depend on customary practices for water storage but lack of sustainable water sources making their day to day life difficult. Water woes remain a common threat in the lives of a large population of the Barmer district, some huge steps were taken to control the situation of drought and ensure proper sources of water in Barmer.

Striving For a Better Tomorrow

The water supply schemes are not feasible in these areas where people reside in scattered settlements and the issues of drinking water arise at a large scale. Hence, the collection of water in Nadis and Tankas is a convenient system that needs to be developed in more quantities. This resolves the scarcity of water even in the hotter months and provides clean and sweet water.

Rainwater harvesting in an underground cistern locally known as Tanka is a common practice of Rajasthan. These tankas are in varied shapes and sizes to preserve a large quantity of water that can serve people living in a particular area. We always strive for the growth and development of the nation and try to uplift society. To provide sustainable solution for drinking water we have built a tanka in Government School of Bawri Kalan, Chohtan and Government Hospital of Sindhaswa Harniyan, Guda Malani.These 2 tankas have the capacity to fulfill the water requirement of children and patients for entire year. Apart from children and patients, these tanaks are meeting the water requirements of locals as well.

A Rainwater Harvesting set up attached to these tankas is ensuring that every drop of rain must be utilized at its optimum level. In these areas, water conservation is a necessity due to its saline nature and low ground level. Today these 2 villages of Barmer, Rajasthan are taking one step ahead in conserving the rainwater.

Mrs. Surbhi Mittal, Director- Sonalika CSR sums this initiative, “We always put the first step forward when it comes to helping society. We aim to build and develop a healthy community all around the nation and clean water is one of the important step towards this direction. In addition to construction of these infrastructures we are creating awareness apropos Rainwater Harvesting across Barmer, Rajasthan. I believe these tankas will solve the water crisis in the village. We are also planning to build more infrastructures like these to ensure sustainable source of water for everyone.”

Few Words from Our Beneficiaries

Sonalika CSR has helped us in many ways, but the best thing that changed our lives was the installation of a Tanka in our school.

We can get clean and uncontaminated water anytime we want. It is truly a blessing for all of us. Earlier due to salinity in the groundwater and low rainfall in our area there was low availability of fresh and clean water. But now it has helped students and locals to have enough water for their daily needs for entire year. We now can store water to use later for later purposes.

-Mohan Lal
Head Master
Government School Bawri Kalan,
Chohtan, Barmer, Rajasthan

Clean water is a necessity of one’s good life. With the help of the Tanka constructed by Sonalika CSR clean water is available not only to our patients but also to nearby households, farmers, and animals. This has helped us to conserve water, which is scarce in our area. I sincerely appreciate Sonalika CSR for the construction of the Tanka in our hospital.

-Dr. Harpal
Medical Officer
Government Hospital Sindhaswa Harniyan,
Barmer, Rajasthan