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The Sonalika Group has been working for the betterment of society for decades – even before a formal CSR program was created. Sonalika CSR works closely with children in areas of education and well-being, and clearly understands the importance of positive role models in creating a healthy environment for growth. Sonalika Publications is a step in that direction.

Sonalika Publications was founded with a goal to promote a higher quality of learning considering the fact that over the past few years, there has been shift in reading habits to digital media. We believe that reading a paper-based book involves more sensory interaction sight, smell, touch and hearing and creates a more immersive experience.

Through the endeavors of Sonalika Publications, we are committed to providing a holistic approach to the growth and development of children. We hope that our children will enjoy reading the book, and will be inspired by the stories of these incredible people.

We Love Recycling

Sonalika Publications believes in caring for the environment, especially when it comes to precious resources like trees that produce paper. Therefore, this belief goes directly into our books that we create. We do not need fresh new paper to express the freshness of our stories. That’s why this book is made out of completely recycled paper.

Get Inspired By Super 15 True Stories Of Real Heroes

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Sonalika Publications encapsulates incredible real life incidents and stories of ordinary people that changed their perception, status, personality and way of living life. It unravels their hardships and challenges which they endured, which did not stop them from moving on, rather reinforced their determination to fight back and overcome them.

15 extra-ordinary personalities emerged radically from ordinary background within appalling circumstances and brought impactful changes in the society. Their stories portray their impressive work and inspiring thoughts that have the power to change the society.

Sonalika Publications feels great pride in unveiling the glorious works of 15 true heroes of our society. It is our sincere attempt to inspire young readers by presenting their unknown and unheard real-life events and works in this book.


Master Wiggles - A journey of trial and triumph

Get to know the journey of Master Wiggles
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In an age of speed, the world doesn’t have the time to stop but with Master Wiggles it’s different. He would start his day munching on
eucalyptus leaves and sleep all day long under the warm shades of Majestic Australian Forest.

One unfortunate morning the lush green forest turned into ash, with blazing fire all around the area.

Will Master Wiggles be triumphant in this trail of fate? Read along to find out…


Wadiya Singh visits planet Sparkle

Wadiya Singh visits planet Sparkle
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Storytelling is an art form which is as old as time and has a place in every culture and society. Stories stimulate imagination and passion while creating a sense of value among listeners and tellers, alike.

All of us have grown up listening to stories and Annant, an 8 year-old aspiring author is no exception. The virtue of good deeds and values imbibed over the years is articulated in his latest book titled “Wadiya Singh Visits Planet Sparkle

We believe that his story will inspire everyone to live in harmony and take mindful steps towards a holistic development of our community.

Inspirational Words From Our Inspiring Heroes

Suresh & Indira soni
Sharath Gayakwad
Shachi Singh
Rajani Paranjpe
Pravin Tulpule
Mohamad Gaddaffe
Jiternder Aggarwal
Dr. Mathew
Bobby Sharma
Arvind Gupta