Women Empowerment and Welfare under which, one of Sonalika CSR’s very first initiative to empower girls of rural India through sports that to Shooting, in various villages of Baghpath district UP, had one goal: “To create a livelihood and to build a sustainable career path for women”. The success of this project was attained in the very second year when four of the girls joined the Indian army and a few joined Punjab University. The success of this very project in Bagpath has given Sonalika CSR the confidence to start a new shooting range in Chabbewal govt. Sr. Sec School, Punjab in November 2017. In the first 8 months of inception of the Sonalika Shooting Range, Chabbewal the project has shown tremendous talent of rural Punjab and through the rigorous training the Sonalika shooting range at Chabbewal currently has produced 11 state level players in just 8 months which mark the excellent project execution of Sonalika CSR. Our mission and vision in empowering female is quite clear. Our aim is to provide the truly needy and talented girls a platform to rise in their lives…. and Sonalika CSR has always given Wings to their Dreams….the road map ahead is new shooting range is in pipeline for Government school of Delhi so the urban needy and talented children can be benefited from this sports.

Children were now admitted in bachelors and their performance level has increased by 55 percent.

  • Supporting girls from poor background for their education.
  • Giving them vocational education in co-ordination with their studies
  • Supporting them with extra classes after school hours
  • Provide them with employable skills

Under this project we focus to support the meritorious girls from suburb of Delhi for their education. Along with the implementing agency Arpana Trust we are taking forward this project. These girls are given coaching for their education by Arpana Trust, Molarbund slum settlement center. Girls are constantly monitored by Sonalika and implementing agency and they are been taught various vocational skills in the center. The project is been executed from the month of November 2015 and they are been given these coaching and vocational skills in and by the Arpana Trust

In its continuous efforts to empower women, Sonalika CSR has joined hands with Navjyoti Foundation to give women a sense of entrepreneurship apart from micro financing aspect of Self Help Groups. Sonalika, with this initiative, has taken charge of empowering almost 3000 women through formation of 200 SHGs. Currently, few women from various SHG’s are being trained to start a Garment Manufacturing unit which will help these women to start their own business and a social entrepreneurship. Few other group of women from other SHG’s are being trained in vermicomposting, toy making, masala making, handicrafts and much more. They are also being trained to sell these on various platforms along with the digital e-commerce platforms, thus enabling them to be self efficient and become entrepreneurs in their own right. Also, one of the biggest role of these women is that they have taken up the responsibility to create a social movement in their villages by making people aware about various government policies like legal rights for women, Paani Panchayat for saving water and pond restoration, protecting environment by plantation etc.

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