Project Operating in Punjab

Sonalika with its associate NGO’s has been working for social causes for the last 13 years in the below mentioned projects:

  • In the field of environmental protection led by “Clean and Green Association(CGA)”
  • Supporting deprived children by providing education in “Anand Ashram”
  • De-addiction center for youth in Hoshiarpur
  • Empowering the elderly through our Smart Living Center called “Sanjeevani Sharnam”

Clean & Green Initiative

Amongst our many ventures, is the ‘Clean and Green’ (Clean and Green Association/CGA), Under CGA, different initiatives are aimed for resource conservation and advocacy of eco- friendly consumption are undertaken. Under C&G project we have adopted 30 colonies in the city and have launched garbage cleaning activity and maintenance of the green environment around. The program is done through engaging the community and other stakeholders who enthusiastically participate in running it on ground with Sonalika ITL. Today, this thought is well aligned with Prime Minister’s vision of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. Armed with an ISO certification for Indira Colony: This is the first colony of its kind in India which got this certification which was covered widely in electronic and print media across the country. We are adding 2 colonies each year where our target is to make entire Hoshiarpur a clean and garbage free city.

Anand Ashram

India is home to the largest number of children in the world, by 2020 India will have the youngest population in the world under the age of 29. Children are vulnerable and need to be protected. Their rights are constitutionally protected for education in recognized in Article 21 and reinforced by the Right to Education (RTE) in compliance with UNICEF. India is a rapidly growing economy which requires educated individuals to burn the beacon of progress forward, the foundation years of life or childhood is the area where we need to begin the process.

Recognizing the realities of deprived children and the need for parenting social support, Sonalika ITL set up Anand Ashram in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. To empower underprivileged children and pioneer their future, we provide all kinds of educational opportunities along with parenting support. Orphaned and abandoned children are provided shelter and homely environment. The group believes that every child should get proper education, proper meal and shelter for their better development and future. It works for the up-liftment of deprived and underprivileged children. Orphaned and abandoned children are provided shelter here and focus is laid on offering them a homely environment. The key has been to associate ourselves with the progress of these children which is done by regularly motivating them to pursue their dream apart from sponsoring them.

De-Addiction Center

The Indian state of Punjab is in the grip of a drug abuse crisis. Surveys indicate that more than half of all rural households are home to at least one drug addict, a problem most severe along the Pakistan border.

Sonalika was one of the first organizations to wake up to the complexity of the drug problem which is rampant in Hoshiarpur (Punjab). This prompted us to collaborate with hospitals in Hoshiarpur to support the rehabilitation programs for drug addicts. The sincere efforts are truly visible in all the required arrangements maintained by Sonalika ITL in the hospital area, where the patient is treated.

Sanjeevani Sharnam

With 100 million senior citizens, India has the largest aged population in the world. Loneliness and a solitary life are matters of concern with this age group. Keeping this need in mind, International Tractors Limited have taken strides to bring happiness in the lives of old people by starting a day care centre “Sanjeevani Sharnam", for senior citizens in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. The group works to provide supervised care to adults. Facilities like common hall with TV, indoor game rooms, library, table tennis room, meditation pyramid, physiotherapy, open badminton court and many more are available with “Sanjeevani Sharnam”. The goal of the organization is to enhance self- esteem among elders and encourage socialization.