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Adopt for a Cause

Sonalika, under their corporate social responsibility, does extensive work on environment. Due to large scale pollution and erratic climatic conditions, agriculture is getting adversely affected. Sonalika has taken the multi stakeholder approach to address the issue through various initiatives that promote climate-smart agriculture which will benefit farmers. Sonalika, in association with CIMMYT-BISA, has adopted 25 villages in Haryana to create Climate Smart & Resilient Agriculture along with “CROP RESIDUE MANAGEMENT” as a pilot project. This will empower farming community and make them aware of various climate resilient agricultural patterns.

Digital - CSR Campaign

We at Sonalika launch a one of its kind of Campaign “Do Good Feel Good”.

By doing this campaign we wish to create an awareness in the society about the small acts of kindness that we do in our day to day life, which can bring an immense positive impact on the human minds and hearts.

The concept of this campaign is very simple. It is to promote the feeling of goodness in people by doing random acts of kindness. We encouraged through our campaign in various college and universities to make a video of the same and uploaded it on their Facebook page #DGFG.

Then the videos are tagged to their friend, family or colleague of ours, challenging them to do a goodness act and post their video.

For each video that is posted by individuals, a corresponding amount of Rs 250/-has been donated by SONALIKA as a sponsorship towards education of girl child at Molarbund slumsthrough Arpana Trust. By doing so have tried to creat a never ending chain of goodness.

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